Video Marketing Tips

video marketingVideo marketing is a huge trend in digital marketing now. The reason why video content converts better is because it naturally engages with customers and also forms stronger relationship with them.

Infact, customers who watch product videos are 15-20% more likely to convert.

Here are some really important tips that will boost your video marketing results –

Video Marketing Tip #1: Set A Goal

Define your goal and focus on what you want to accomplish with your videos. Without a strategy and measurable goals, your video marketing might not get the desired results.

Video Marketing Tip #2: Create Useful Content

Creating useful and relevant content is the best video marketing strategy for 2016 to attract your target audience. This will not only help to build credibility but will also enhance your brand presence in your industry.

You need to stop selling and try to be helpful and friendly. Build yourself a community of supporters, fans and loyal followers.

Video Marketing Tip #3: Keep your Videos Short and Informative

Keep your video short, engaging and informative. Try to communicate and showcase how simple your product can be. Show some success stories. Develop a story that’s short and fun to watch.

Video Marketing Tip #4: Always Add Call to Action Button or Info at the End

The end of the video is the ideal moment to set Call-To-Action buttons that should engage visitors into taking action. You can also leave some information about your next video, blogpost, website or contact information. If you intend to get some results from your videos, it is better not to miss this step.

Video Marketing Tip #5: Analyse Results and Measure Performance

Analyze the results in order to see whether you hit your desired goals that you set. Dig deeper than the number of video views by collecting additional information like watch time, traffic sources, drop-off rate, devices, demographics etc. to do better with your next video contents.