October 7, 2022
Have you ever heard of Curation? Maybe you have heard the term Curation Boxes before. Some may have thought of Google Trends. If you are like me, you may have thought “I don’t really use either of those”.

Curation in content marketing is very prevalent and has been for years.

Have you ever heard of Curation? Maybe you have heard the term Curation Boxes before. Some may have thought of Google Trends. If you are like me, you may have thought “I don’t really use either of those”.

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So what is Curation in Content Marketing?

Curation is the process of gathering and collecting information for a given subject. Curation can be organized by different persons or different organizations and can come in a variety of formats. Some examples of curation formats are as follows.


Newspapers and magazines are generally printed and mailed out. Newsletters are emailed digitally (although printed ones still exist). A newsletter is normally sent out on a regular basis and can cover various topics and information such as weather, sports, entertainment and world news.


Most large companies have extensive marketing departments which collate and share information with their customers. Most company websites will store and share news, articles and other information related to the company’s products and services.


Mobile devices, such as, tablets, cell phones and other various devices have completely revolutionized how we receive and consume information. Our browsing habits have changed. Instead of clicking on the internet and having a list of websites and apps show up on the search engine we use, we directly search specific terms on an application. We have completely moved away from the organic search results to apps.

This creates a problem for websites. They now have to compete with the application stores for that curation in content marketing. Companies such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have developed their “app stores”. These are places where people can download their applications. They have to be careful with how they advertise and monetize their apps as they do not want to be seen as advertising companies.

People use apps because they are faster and people want to use more apps. Apple has been so successful with their app store that other companies are beginning to follow suit. In fact, Google recently announced that they are working on an “app store”.

How is this going to affect us?

Let’s face it, we are now living in an app world. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram. All platforms encourage us to download apps to use on their platform. If your business is not engaged in app marketing then you are missing out on a huge market.

Through the development of mobile applications such as, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Apple maps and others, we are becoming desensitized to the apps and platforms that we have used in the past. In fact, they barely register in our subconscious.

How can it affect marketing?

Marketers have to be creative in order to survive. They have to find new and interesting ways for their customers to engage with their platforms. It is no longer sufficient to simply have a website. Marketers must create an app that can help their consumers.

Apple’s and other companies’ approach to apps is to do things different from websites. They focus on user interaction. Users receive a constant flow of updates, tips, promotions and notifications which are highly interactive.

The apps are more profitable for companies than websites, Google has shown that they rely heavily on apps to generate revenue. This is why they have changed their algorithms. They are trying to make Google more friendly to apps.

This is good news for marketers, this means that you can not only create apps but also capture market share that you may not have thought otherwise possible.

How can Marketers Use Curation?

There are a plethora of ways of using Curation in content marketing. You can collect the news from your industry, you can curate information that is most relevant to your users.

A gaming company such as, Electronic Arts, may source the content from well known journalists, gamers and YouTubers. The users of the system will then consume the content within the app.

This will result in a lower bounce rate as users are consuming relevant content on their device. Facebook, for example, recently changed algorithms so that users on mobile phones would be shown content from their news feed only if they interacted first. Users who are reading news articles will be more likely to leave the site than those that are actively engaging.

One great way to use curation in content marketing is with the very fine software ICC Express by Web Dimensions, Inc.

Stay tuned for more info on curation in content marketing…