Strategies For Lead Generation

targeted leads

Quality leads are the core of every business. What is the importance of leads in your business? Well, without leads your business will most possibly fail.

There are many ways and tactics to generate leads like-

Landing pages/Website Pages

Email Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Marketing

PPC Advertising etc..

But what really matters is the quality of the lead . No matter what lead generation tactics you choose, if your leads are not targeted you’ll waste both time and money.

Strategy #1: Find leads on Twitter and LinkedIn

Twitter is one of the best source of finding potential leads for your business. Using tools like Followerwonk, you can easily analyze at what time your target audience within your niche are most active so that you can reach out to them.

LinkedIn can be a great platform for bringing new clients to your business too. It allows users to publish content to an already engaged audience which enhances your opportunity to promote your business and generate qualified leads.

Strategy #2: Invest in new technology

Mobile marketing is trending. Most people use the internet for browsing, searching and communicating through their smartphones or tablets. Which means you need to make sure that your marketing and lead generation process is optimized properly to target this traffic.

It is very important to keep an eye on emerging technology and channels through which you can get more leads for your business.

Strategy #3: Use Your Competitors’ Resources

A very smart way to generate leads is by analyzing what your competitors are doing! Chances are what is working for them might work for you as well.

A detailed audit can be done to find opportunities that you can take advantage of.

For example, if you see that your competitors are not using visual content but still generating traffic with their content, that’s your opportunity to produce better content and add great visual contents.

Strategy #4: Share Case Studies

Sharing practical tips that can be implemented right away can be huge for your audience.Case studies can do wonders in this case!

Case studies are one of the best ways of drawing traffic to your site or landing pages.

People love case studies because it demonstrates step by step what is done, how it is done and results it generated.

Strategy #5: Answer questions on Quora

Quora is a question & answer based social networking site. You will find millions of people from different demographics posting niche specific questions there everyday. It is a great place to establish yourself as an expert in your niche by answering questions which can eventually result in driving traffic to your site and hence generating more leads.

Strategy #6: Influencers Outreach

Find out the influencers in your niche who your customers follow and reach out to them. Make sure you offer them some value first by mentioning them or their products in one of your blogposts.

If you can offer them something really valuable they’ll be happy to share your content with their large audience.

This will be a great chance for you to attract new leads.

Strategy #7: Offer a free tool or resource on your site

You can offer an easy-to-use tool on your site for your audience to use it for free. It can be a simple tool to do some quick keyword research, it can be an ebook which they can utilize to get some results, it can be a mini-course to teach them something of a value etc.

Strategy #8: Automate your marketing

What about a tool for getting more leads?

Lead generation is very important part of every business but it can be overwhelming and time-consuming. The best way to generate leads can be using an automated tool that does all the heavy lifting for you!