Slight Tweak to Piwik can Provide More Accuracy

In recent days I’ve been watching my traffic stats closely on several different measurement platforms, and it really seems like Piwik has been off lately. I’ve been able to determine that indeed there is some inaccuracy and I believe it stems from the javascript element of the tracking code. Piwik provides a different tracking mechanism in the form of an image embed, a simple line of code just like any other image that you can put between the body tags of your website to get a quicker and more accurate reading, without forcing each visitor to load code into a browser and run functions. This video explains for you. Enjoy


5 thoughts on “Slight Tweak to Piwik can Provide More Accuracy

  1. Can’t get PIWIK to work. Arrrrrgh!!! May reach out for help if you know a thing or two about PIWIK.
    Thanks Hugh.

    1. Hi Mark, that’s a good question. Actually, I use both. Sometimes I only use Piwik and sometimes just GA. I’ve found that GA has the same issues as the Piwik full code as I’ve outlined in this post – it’s a Javascript based embed in your blog, so it forces visitors to load Javascript and run a function in order to save statistics with Google. Therefore, it suffers from the same issues as the Javascript Piwik embed.
      Hope this answers your question 🙂

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