Myths of Traffic Generation

online marketing

You might be struggling to increase your site traffic. Advice on the web about how to increase your website traffic is overly simplified, or outdated or just doesn’t work for you. There are some ‘Traffic Myths’ that you need to stop believing in.

These are the myths that should be ignored:

1. Great Way to Get ‘Free Traffic’ Is Blogging

There is no such thing as ‘Free traffic’.

It’s true that you can get traffic without spending any money, but that doesn’t mean it’s free.

In the case of blogging, you’re investing time. The idea of your blog or site getting a lot of traffic without investing a ton of time is unrealistic. You get out what you put in. Simple!

2. You Need To Optimize Your Site for Search Engines

Is SEO the right traffic strategy for every business?

Maybe not.

Sometimes, paid advertising works and other times, social media might be your best traffic strategy. Every traffic strategy is not right for everyone all the time. You have to find out what works best for you.

3. You Need To Be On Every Social Media Platform

Social media is a great traffic source but the problem is, there are a so many different platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat — the list is getting longer all the time!

Most people are doing it the wrong way by dividing their time between different platforms. Result, they never get anywhere!

My point is, instead of dividing your time between multiple platforms and strategies find the one strategy that seems to be the best choice for your particular situation and then double down your efforts on that.

4. You Can Get Traffic Using Hundreds Of Ways

You need to be very careful to choose your traffic source. Juggling too many options to gain traffic can lead to analysis paralysis. But you can narrow that down to only few traffic sources that are worthy for your business –

Search engines
Social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest etc.)
Social bookmarking (Reddit)
Links/referral traffic

To put it in a simple way, your best traffic source depends on your market or niche. So choose the right traffic source for your business!