Is Content Curation still a viable option?

content curation_overwhelm

One can easily be overwhelmed when trying to come up with new content ideas.

It is very important that your content offers value to your readers and also engages and builds trust with them.

But, how can you consistently generate quality content on a regular basis that your audience would love to read?

The answer is Content Curation. Research indicates that 68% of content marketers rely directly on curated content as part of their overall content marketing strategy. So, content curation is essential.

Top marketers  not only create great content on a consistent basis, but they also balance their own original content with curated content. In fact, they use a mix of 65 percent created, 25 percent curated and 10 percent syndicated content.

Through this process, they gain credibility. They also make sure that their curated content provides tremendous value to their audience.

You need to keep the following 4 criteria in mind when it comes to curation:

1. Relevancy

Make sure that the curated content is relevant to your target audience. It should offer additional information and knowledge that they do not know.

2. Credibility

It is very important to make sure that the piece of content you are curating belongs to a reliable source. The information and data should be backed by strong references.

3. Diversity

Content curation can be done in different ways. You can collect information, facts, opinions, and insights around a specific topic and add your own perspective to it in a unique manner. The idea is to present the information in a way that your audience can easily understand.

4. Uniqueness

Your curated content should have unique information that can be helpful to your audience. Your insight and perspective on the topic should help them easily understand and enhance their knowledge. Your perspective should be engaging and highlight certain information they can benefit from.

Content curation can be a very important tool for your marketing strategy. You can save a lot of time, money and resources with curated content and most importantly avoid burnout!

I wish you all the best 🙂