Can Visual Content Generate More Business?

Are your visuals driving social media traffic?

Are the images that you are sharing across your social networks irresistible?

Want to create posts that give you higher user engagement?

Want more engagement and traffic from your efforts?

Today, marketers are using visual content to capture their readers’ interest and attention. Visual content like simple blog graphics and videos help us to communicate and engage with our audiences.

Bloggers who publish valuable blog posts for their audience, or marketers who are always A/B testing their landing pages & PPC ads, or e-commerce store owners who sell variety of items to their consumers, or social media experts who are always looking for engaging visual contents to share on their social media pages – everyone who are not regularly sharing eye-catching images that resonate with their audience, are missing out on a ton of engagement!

There is a reason why people engage better with visual contents, they are easier to understand and they tell a story that stirs up emotions more easily than written posts. People are drawn to visual content and it causes them to take action faster than text or plain audio.

So why should you be concerned about your visual content?

1. Sites with images look good, and people enjoy eye-candy, so they’re more likely to browse around

2. New visitors won’t hit the back button or scroll down the feed if images are attractive or attention-grabbing.

3. An eye-catching image impress prospects, and impressed prospects are more likely to buy.

4. Flashy images show that you’re trendy and modern, and people trust trendy and modern companies — so you get more loyal followers and hence more sales

5. In summary, your sales will increase an average of 16.5% with attractive eye-candy on your site or page.

If you want to boost your engagement and social shares, your visual contents should be targeted to your audience and followers, and have to appeal to them directly.

Instantly actionable advice is highly shareable on social networks. So creating an image or infographic that either solves a problem, or inspires to take action, is very important for your audience.

Right now, infographics are hot. They bring data to life. An infographic is an efficient combination of text, images and design elements which represents complex data which tells a story that urges to be shared.

Highly successful blogs and e-commerce sites thrive on high-quality images and infographics, and they generate hundreds of leads and sales through them.

Rich content is dominating all aspects of online and traditional marketing. That isn’t going to be changing anytime soon. Plain, dull content is just not acceptable anymore!

Now, if you’re worried that you need a graphic designer or special skills to create such engaging graphics and images, don’t be! I’ll introduce you to the tools you need and the best part is most of them are free for you to use!

#1: Design Infographics Yourself

Easelly is one of the best and simplest tools for designing your infographics professionally (perfect reflection of its name!). You can choose your infographic elements like different backgrounds, add other objects, upload your own images and use your own content. You have complete control over any part of your infographic.

#2: Create Interesting Video

PowToon helps you to create free, animated, mind blowing videos and presentations. With PowToon, you can do product demos, presentations, and trailers about your company. You can also check out our web based video creation tool, Vidworkz.

#3: Take Your Images From Good to Glorious

PicMonkey allows you to crop and resize your photo, and add text to your images with a touch of a button! It’s free option has a wide variety of features that will blow your mind!

You can now create graphics, banners and buttons for your posts & social media accounts, such as Facebook.

#4: Create Your Own Designs With Canva

Canva is a DIY graphic design platform. You get up and running in no time with it’s fun tutorials. Looking to create impressive Facebook cover photos, Twitter backgrounds, pinnable images for Pinterest – Canva’s got you covered!

These four tools are great options for creating professional, customized, engaging images. Go ahead! Use them! Your audience won’t be able to look away 🙂

And you also might want to check out our award-winning graphics curator and meme editor tool, Viral Image Curator Pro.