Sales Funnel Optimization For Sales Growth

sales funnel optimization


What is a Sales Funnel and Sales Funnel Optimization?

Sales funnel  is a sequence of steps you set up to turn your traffic into prospects and then into customers.

Sales funnel optimization means improving different parts of the funnel to get more leads and sales.

In order to optimize your conversion rate to get more sales, let’s take a closer look at the 3-parts of the funnel – the top, the middle, and the bottom.

So let’s start at the top…


Optimized Funnel Builder: Check out the demo here to see how you can create a sales funnel very easily.

Top of the Funnel: Traffic Generation

The top of the funnel is where your traffic is coming from. If you think there’s nothing you can do to optimize that part, think again!

More traffic doesn’t really mean more conversions. Usually, marketers track their ROI in terms of the amount of traffic they’re getting, but that only half of the story.

You need to find out where your traffic is coming from. It’s important to find out how many people are really engaging with your content. Concentrate on areas most useful to driving conversions. What kind of content seems to attract them most?

Target a very specific group of people and don’t to create content that appeals to everyone.

Measure engagement in terms of comments, shares, time spent on site and number of pages visited. This indicates that your content is being found and being read.

The majority of marketers are getting their traffic from social media, with newsletters, blogs, articles and videos, find out which channel is driving more traffic and utilize those channels more to drive traffic to your top funnel.

Apparently, there are some traffic generation myths that you might want to ignore!

Once you get targeted traffic through the top, then the second phase of the funnel comes into play.

This is where the actual conversion process takes place.

Middle of the Funnel: The Conversion

So after you drive targeted traffic to the top of the funnel, you have their attention. Now you need to keep them engaged and interested.

Conversion can mean subscriptions, downloads, orders or whatever you’ve set as your conversion goal. You’ve created tons of content that get read and shared, but the problem is it doesn’t convert.

Some of the reasons people choose not to take action at that very moment are:

They don’t need it right now
They don’t have the money for it right now
They don’t know you yet

Find out a way to convey the urgency of your offer the right way that will make people act instantly. It could be a discount for a limited period of time, it could be limited inventory at a specific price, an exclusive offer only to your social media followers, etc.

In order for them to trust you, you need to make sure to address what happens after the customer acts, how soon they can expect their confirmation, newsletter, coupon, gift, course or whatever they sign up for, how many of your items are really left at that price – creating a fake urgency can turn the potential customers off.

Having reviews, testimonials, convincing and honest guarantee, comparisons between your product and a competitor can really encourage your customers and help build trust.

Sometimes you notice that the customers are dropping out of your funnel at the checkout process, it’s because they may have convinced themselves that the product/offer is too expensive or not worth the money.

You should not show them the price up front without communicating the value clearly.

You have to convey the value in what you’re offering in a way that your readers will understand and appreciate what they are buying and who they are buying from.

That brings us to bottom part of the funnel…

Before that, you might want to check out Neil Patel’s 6 funnel optimization strategies to double your growth below:

End of the Funnel: The Acquisition

So by now you have optimized the top and middle part of the funnel – the traffic and the conversion. Now most marketers would put up a “Thank You” page and call it a day — but bear in mind that this is the most critical part of the process.

Just because they converted doesn’t mean they will stick around to be your returning visitors and placing additional orders in the future. This is where your email click through rates go down.

Optimized Funnel Builder: Check out the demo here to see how you can create a sales funnel very easily.

Now, you need to continue delivering them relevant news, case studies and suggestions to keep them engaged. And then gently get them to your other funnels where you can introduce them to your other products or services that can be more lucrative and valuable for them.

The goal is to learn exactly what your customers want and giving it to them.

The bottom line is OPTIMIZE your sales funnel the right way, because this will help bring you repeat visitors, motivated buyers and more sales…

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Strategies For Lead Generation

targeted leads

Quality leads are the core of every business. What is the importance of leads in your business? Well, without leads your business will most possibly fail.

There are many ways and tactics to generate leads like-

Landing pages/Website Pages

Email Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Marketing

PPC Advertising etc..

But what really matters is the quality of the lead . No matter what lead generation tactics you choose, if your leads are not targeted you’ll waste both time and money.

Strategy #1: Find leads on Twitter and LinkedIn

Twitter is one of the best source of finding potential leads for your business. Using tools like Followerwonk, you can easily analyze at what time your target audience within your niche are most active so that you can reach out to them.

LinkedIn can be a great platform for bringing new clients to your business too. It allows users to publish content to an already engaged audience which enhances your opportunity to promote your business and generate qualified leads.

Strategy #2: Invest in new technology

Mobile marketing is trending. Most people use the internet for browsing, searching and communicating through their smartphones or tablets. Which means you need to make sure that your marketing and lead generation process is optimized properly to target this traffic.

It is very important to keep an eye on emerging technology and channels through which you can get more leads for your business.

Strategy #3: Use Your Competitors’ Resources

A very smart way to generate leads is by analyzing what your competitors are doing! Chances are what is working for them might work for you as well.

A detailed audit can be done to find opportunities that you can take advantage of.

For example, if you see that your competitors are not using visual content but still generating traffic with their content, that’s your opportunity to produce better content and add great visual contents.

Strategy #4: Share Case Studies

Sharing practical tips that can be implemented right away can be huge for your audience.Case studies can do wonders in this case!

Case studies are one of the best ways of drawing traffic to your site or landing pages.

People love case studies because it demonstrates step by step what is done, how it is done and results it generated.

Strategy #5: Answer questions on Quora

Quora is a question & answer based social networking site. You will find millions of people from different demographics posting niche specific questions there everyday. It is a great place to establish yourself as an expert in your niche by answering questions which can eventually result in driving traffic to your site and hence generating more leads.

Strategy #6: Influencers Outreach

Find out the influencers in your niche who your customers follow and reach out to them. Make sure you offer them some value first by mentioning them or their products in one of your blogposts.

If you can offer them something really valuable they’ll be happy to share your content with their large audience.

This will be a great chance for you to attract new leads.

Strategy #7: Offer a free tool or resource on your site

You can offer an easy-to-use tool on your site for your audience to use it for free. It can be a simple tool to do some quick keyword research, it can be an ebook which they can utilize to get some results, it can be a mini-course to teach them something of a value etc.

Strategy #8: Automate your marketing

What about a tool for getting more leads?

Lead generation is very important part of every business but it can be overwhelming and time-consuming. The best way to generate leads can be using an automated tool that does all the heavy lifting for you!

Video Marketing Tips

video marketingVideo marketing is a huge trend in digital marketing now. The reason why video content converts better is because it naturally engages with customers and also forms stronger relationship with them.

Infact, customers who watch product videos are 15-20% more likely to convert.

Here are some really important tips that will boost your video marketing results –

Video Marketing Tip #1: Set A Goal

Define your goal and focus on what you want to accomplish with your videos. Without a strategy and measurable goals, your video marketing might not get the desired results.

Video Marketing Tip #2: Create Useful Content

Creating useful and relevant content is the best video marketing strategy for 2016 to attract your target audience. This will not only help to build credibility but will also enhance your brand presence in your industry.

You need to stop selling and try to be helpful and friendly. Build yourself a community of supporters, fans and loyal followers.

Video Marketing Tip #3: Keep your Videos Short and Informative

Keep your video short, engaging and informative. Try to communicate and showcase how simple your product can be. Show some success stories. Develop a story that’s short and fun to watch.

Video Marketing Tip #4: Always Add Call to Action Button or Info at the End

The end of the video is the ideal moment to set Call-To-Action buttons that should engage visitors into taking action. You can also leave some information about your next video, blogpost, website or contact information. If you intend to get some results from your videos, it is better not to miss this step.

Video Marketing Tip #5: Analyse Results and Measure Performance

Analyze the results in order to see whether you hit your desired goals that you set. Dig deeper than the number of video views by collecting additional information like watch time, traffic sources, drop-off rate, devices, demographics etc. to do better with your next video contents.

Niche Marketing Tips

target market

Niche marketing is a great way to develop a solid customer base and content marketing is a very important part of it. It helps you to attract customers to your website. By using your blog, social media, and webinars your content can be distributed to your niche market audience.

But before you start posting and developing content you need ask yourself, “where do my customers spend time online and how can I reach them?” When you generate content, it is very vital to post it where it will be seen, read and shared. Find out which channels your niche marketing audience are most active on.

Marketing is all about testing and finding out which of your efforts are giving you the most ROI.

Testing your marketing efforts turn the theory into practice and helps you to gather hard facts to make decisions. Double down on what works well and improve the other parts if necessary. This is should be a continuous process.

By measuring what is working on your WordPress site and what is not will help you to spend time doing the right things that will move your business forward.

Here are some points to enhance your niche marketing efforts:

Are you sending an industry newsletter to your clients every week or month?

Collect some trending industry news and tailor them into a newsletter. This can be done very easily through simple e-newsletter. Make sure to link back to the original source!

Do you have your own LinkedIn Group?

It’s easy to create a Linkedin group that can be an online venue for professionals within your industry to share knowledge, tactics and discuss current trends. Make sure to be active within the group by sharing thoughts of your own and starting discussions on a regular basis.

Do you engage with professionals and influencers on social media?

Find thought leaders, influencers, experts and professionals within your industry and engage with them. Follow their tweets, posts, articles and share your insight – offer value through your feedbacks.

Are you active in industry forums?

Nearly every industry has forums. Capture the attention of fellow forum members by making yourself a valuable contributor and resource.

Find opportunities to speak at seminars and conferences.

Sharing and presenting your expertise and knowledge at seminars and event is an extremely valuable opportunity. As a speaker, you are in a position to make a lasting impression and provide value to conference attendees who happen to be your niche audience.

Myths of Traffic Generation

online marketing

You might be struggling to increase your site traffic. Advice on the web about how to increase your website traffic is overly simplified, or outdated or just doesn’t work for you. There are some ‘Traffic Myths’ that you need to stop believing in.

These are the myths that should be ignored:

1. Great Way to Get ‘Free Traffic’ Is Blogging

There is no such thing as ‘Free traffic’.

It’s true that you can get traffic without spending any money, but that doesn’t mean it’s free.

In the case of blogging, you’re investing time. The idea of your blog or site getting a lot of traffic without investing a ton of time is unrealistic. You get out what you put in. Simple!

2. You Need To Optimize Your Site for Search Engines

Is SEO the right traffic strategy for every business?

Maybe not.

Sometimes, paid advertising works and other times, social media might be your best traffic strategy. Every traffic strategy is not right for everyone all the time. You have to find out what works best for you.

3. You Need To Be On Every Social Media Platform

Social media is a great traffic source but the problem is, there are a so many different platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat — the list is getting longer all the time!

Most people are doing it the wrong way by dividing their time between different platforms. Result, they never get anywhere!

My point is, instead of dividing your time between multiple platforms and strategies find the one strategy that seems to be the best choice for your particular situation and then double down your efforts on that.

4. You Can Get Traffic Using Hundreds Of Ways

You need to be very careful to choose your traffic source. Juggling too many options to gain traffic can lead to analysis paralysis. But you can narrow that down to only few traffic sources that are worthy for your business –

Search engines
Social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest etc.)
Social bookmarking (Reddit)
Links/referral traffic

To put it in a simple way, your best traffic source depends on your market or niche. So choose the right traffic source for your business!

Is Content Curation still a viable option?

content curation_overwhelm

One can easily be overwhelmed when trying to come up with new content ideas.

It is very important that your content offers value to your readers and also engages and builds trust with them.

But, how can you consistently generate quality content on a regular basis that your audience would love to read?

The answer is Content Curation. Research indicates that 68% of content marketers rely directly on curated content as part of their overall content marketing strategy. So, content curation is essential.

Top marketers  not only create great content on a consistent basis, but they also balance their own original content with curated content. In fact, they use a mix of 65 percent created, 25 percent curated and 10 percent syndicated content.

Through this process, they gain credibility. They also make sure that their curated content provides tremendous value to their audience.

You need to keep the following 4 criteria in mind when it comes to curation:

1. Relevancy

Make sure that the curated content is relevant to your target audience. It should offer additional information and knowledge that they do not know.

2. Credibility

It is very important to make sure that the piece of content you are curating belongs to a reliable source. The information and data should be backed by strong references.

3. Diversity

Content curation can be done in different ways. You can collect information, facts, opinions, and insights around a specific topic and add your own perspective to it in a unique manner. The idea is to present the information in a way that your audience can easily understand.

4. Uniqueness

Your curated content should have unique information that can be helpful to your audience. Your insight and perspective on the topic should help them easily understand and enhance their knowledge. Your perspective should be engaging and highlight certain information they can benefit from.

Content curation can be a very important tool for your marketing strategy. You can save a lot of time, money and resources with curated content and most importantly avoid burnout!

I wish you all the best 🙂


Can Visual Content Generate More Business?

Are your visuals driving social media traffic?

Are the images that you are sharing across your social networks irresistible?

Want to create posts that give you higher user engagement?

Want more engagement and traffic from your efforts?

Today, marketers are using visual content to capture their readers’ interest and attention. Visual content like simple blog graphics and videos help us to communicate and engage with our audiences.

Bloggers who publish valuable blog posts for their audience, or marketers who are always A/B testing their landing pages & PPC ads, or e-commerce store owners who sell variety of items to their consumers, or social media experts who are always looking for engaging visual contents to share on their social media pages – everyone who are not regularly sharing eye-catching images that resonate with their audience, are missing out on a ton of engagement!

There is a reason why people engage better with visual contents, they are easier to understand and they tell a story that stirs up emotions more easily than written posts. People are drawn to visual content and it causes them to take action faster than text or plain audio.

So why should you be concerned about your visual content?

1. Sites with images look good, and people enjoy eye-candy, so they’re more likely to browse around

2. New visitors won’t hit the back button or scroll down the feed if images are attractive or attention-grabbing.

3. An eye-catching image impress prospects, and impressed prospects are more likely to buy.

4. Flashy images show that you’re trendy and modern, and people trust trendy and modern companies — so you get more loyal followers and hence more sales

5. In summary, your sales will increase an average of 16.5% with attractive eye-candy on your site or page.

If you want to boost your engagement and social shares, your visual contents should be targeted to your audience and followers, and have to appeal to them directly.

Instantly actionable advice is highly shareable on social networks. So creating an image or infographic that either solves a problem, or inspires to take action, is very important for your audience.

Right now, infographics are hot. They bring data to life. An infographic is an efficient combination of text, images and design elements which represents complex data which tells a story that urges to be shared.

Highly successful blogs and e-commerce sites thrive on high-quality images and infographics, and they generate hundreds of leads and sales through them.

Rich content is dominating all aspects of online and traditional marketing. That isn’t going to be changing anytime soon. Plain, dull content is just not acceptable anymore!

Now, if you’re worried that you need a graphic designer or special skills to create such engaging graphics and images, don’t be! I’ll introduce you to the tools you need and the best part is most of them are free for you to use!

#1: Design Infographics Yourself

Easelly is one of the best and simplest tools for designing your infographics professionally (perfect reflection of its name!). You can choose your infographic elements like different backgrounds, add other objects, upload your own images and use your own content. You have complete control over any part of your infographic.

#2: Create Interesting Video

PowToon helps you to create free, animated, mind blowing videos and presentations. With PowToon, you can do product demos, presentations, and trailers about your company. You can also check out our web based video creation tool, Vidworkz.

#3: Take Your Images From Good to Glorious

PicMonkey allows you to crop and resize your photo, and add text to your images with a touch of a button! It’s free option has a wide variety of features that will blow your mind!

You can now create graphics, banners and buttons for your posts & social media accounts, such as Facebook.

#4: Create Your Own Designs With Canva

Canva is a DIY graphic design platform. You get up and running in no time with it’s fun tutorials. Looking to create impressive Facebook cover photos, Twitter backgrounds, pinnable images for Pinterest – Canva’s got you covered!

These four tools are great options for creating professional, customized, engaging images. Go ahead! Use them! Your audience won’t be able to look away 🙂

And you also might want to check out our award-winning graphics curator and meme editor tool, Viral Image Curator Pro.

28 Powerful Content Creation Tools, Tips, and Resources

28 Powerful Content Creation Tools, Tips, and Resources

“Content creation is one of the most important
marketing tools to get found online.” – Hubspot

Publishing killer content that delivers exceptional value not only keeps your visitors happy and their minds hungry for more, if done right, it can help you generate social signals and send you more traffic when your readers find your content worthy of sharing on their social networks.

We’ve put together a collection of some powerful content creation tools, tips and resources to help you succeed with your content creation both online and offline.

Continue reading…

Save Time Managing Your Social Media

Great Way to Get Your Brand in Front of People Consistently…

I’ve been doing online marketing now for some years but it’s been only recently that I’ve really figured out some of the best ways to stay in front of my target market. Today I’m going to share one of those with you – it’s called Buffer and I think you’re really going to find this a useful tool.

BufferApp is a free tool for managing content across multiple blogs and social accounts — you can connect one profile for each social account. (So, one Twitter, one Facebook, one Google+ and one LinkedIn) plus you can also store up to 10 posts for each profile at any given time.

Buffer - A smarter way to share.

Once you have your accounts set up, you can add content anytime you want and then schedule your posts for later, and Buffer shares your content at the best possible times throughout the day so that your followers and fans see your updates more often.

As you add content, you can easily select which of your social accounts you want to post to. Post the same message to all accounts or add context by customizing each. Check out Buffer here:

Buffer is also connected to a free image and meme creation tool called Pablo which lets you create images and memes and download them or schedule for later delivery via Buffer. Pablo comes with preset image sizes so you can create perfectly sized images for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest. There’s a ton of fonts to choose from too. Pablo is here:

Create your own content

Sharing cool content and pics is a great way to stay engaged with your audience.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me through our customer service email or through this blog!

My best,

RepWarn: Is Its Reputation Worth Warning You About?

Hello there! Today I want to talk about a new tool that’s being launched by my friend Walt Bayliss called RepWarn. It’s a pretty amazing, versatile new fully programmable alerts service that allows re-branding and reputation management for multiple clients as well as new content ideas. I’ve had a chance to try it, and I think it’s simply phenomenal. Here’s what I have to say about it:

What I didn’t mention in the video is how the alerts are sent to you continually by email as well as displayed inside the RepWarn interface and it works in real time- sends you anything it finds immediately. Truly a great way to keep tabs on ANYTHING on the internet for any purpose.

For more information about RepWarn, please go here:

In case you purchase RepWarn through my link, I am offering a special bonus of two full fledged video training courses including “Local Lead Magician” and “Rapid Hashtag Traffic” which are premium video training series that I’ve never released before. Just contact our support desk for your bonus after purchasing.